Our conversational Virtual Agents lets carriers and network providers deliver conversational self-service with substantial OPEX and CAPEX savings. IM.MIND and its development tools have implemented omnichannel conversational services that are currently in operation with several carriers worldwide. Interactive Media’s innovative self-service solution deployed at Telcosmanages high traffic volumes (largely on voice channel) and mission critical applications.


Mobile customers need support 24 hours a day, any day of the week. The high availability of the conversational virtual agents developed with IM.MIND makes them an essential asset for the organization. Also, the Interactive Media software platform managing the Virtual Agents developed with IM.MIND  can be easily tied to a business logic layer that allows the service to adapt dynamically  to external events (e.g. a fault in the network). In this case, the number of Virtual Agents can be ramped up instantly to handle the spike in the number of calls.

Personal touch

In the Telco business competition is cut-throat. In order to delight the customer and prevent churn you need to show that your company cares for the customers individually.

Virtual Agents developed with IM.MIND recognize the customer and are capable to communicate with personal touches on the customer's favorite channel (e.g. telephone, chat, social...), as well as  to carry a single conversation across multiple channels if needed, keeping the interaction context and using it to continue from where the previous channel left off.

Our Virtual Agents can also adapt their persona to the user's profile and preferences, using the voice and the personality that makes the customer more comfortable and happy to communicate.

Transaction reliability

Telco's customer care has very often to deal with transactions. Transactions can be needed to activate a new service, deactivate existing services, changing customer preferences...

Transactions that in the past were handled by human operators can now be carried out with a conversation with a Virtual Agent that can

  • accurately interpret the customer's request
  • quickly collect any data related with the transaction and send it to the back-end
  • provide confirmation that the customer understands the terms and conditions of the transaction and accepts them

Interactive Media has years of experience and several deployed examples of conversational virtual agents that implement this type of transactions while ensuring the highest quality

Case Study: Order Confirmation Service

Telco companies often allow their customers to place orders by phone. Orders may be for new services, like landline service, mobile phone, Internet data plan, TV services…

For each type of service there may be many options available, so there is an inherent possibility for errors in communication with the customer.

To keep the errors to a minimum and to generate proof of the order, the customer service agents in this particular Telco are required to follow a specific protocol in which they have to repeat clearly the relevant details of the order on a step-by-step basis to the customer and request explicit acknowledgement and approval of the terms and conditions.

This procedure is tedious and prone to mistakes if executed by a human operator but is perfect for a Virtual Agent.

This organization, one of the largest Telco operators in Europe, opted to implement this service with IM.MIND to take advantage of the embedded rapid deployment tools and the conversational interaction offered by the IM.MIND Virtual Agents.

Conversational services, for a unique customer experience