Professional Services

IM.MIND is deployed in integration with the most common Contact Center software suites at several customers, with examples of integration with Cisco, Genesys, Avaya, and several more. 

IM.MIND is also offering a variety of APIs, including VoiceXMLand RESTful interfaces, that can be used by customers or by system integrators to connect the IM.MIND Virtual Agents with existing media servers, live chat systems, CRMs, DBs and any other front-end or back-end system.

Interactive Media offers Integration Services to accelerate the integration process and implement the system according to the customer's need. Our Integration Services help getting the most out of IM.MIND integration features, thanks to the knowledge of our solution experts, project managers and delivery engineers who have many years of experience in integrating Virtual Agent with a variety of customer service infrastructures.

Using Interactive Media’s Integration Services saves time and money by maximizing the value of your Virtual Agent investment, speeds up the deployment and the optimization of the services and supports the future growth of the service, guaranteeing  its reliability and scalability.

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