NLU Competence Center

Interactive Media is not only a technology provider, but also delivers and deploys its conversational Virtual Agents, working closely with our customers to ensure the best and fastest outcome.Our experts will work with you to detail the requirements of the service, find the integration points and use them, iterate on the way the services acquires and uses its knowledge base, and refine the application for optimal performance.

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is a powerful technology that allows virtual agents to converse with users, but it is its knowledge base that makes its application effective. With this in mind, Interactive Media has created a group of professionals especially trained in delivering conversational applications for different domains.

Our agile and proven delivery process ensures the fast and successful implementation of conversational applications, meeting our customers' business needs and exceeding their expectations. The development and deployment take full advantage of the software tools of IM.MIND, that generate optimized code running on our robust communication platform.

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