Interactive Media at the SpAM Workshop

SpAM (Speech in the Age of Multimodal humanities) is a satellite workshop of the 2018 CLARIC-ERIC Annual Conference dedicated to the study of multimodality in thelinguistic science.

Paolo Turriziani presented a more business-oriented perspective at the workshop, drawing from the wide Interactive Media experience in conversationalapplications of advanced NLP technology for thecustomer care. In his speech, Paolo touched on a number of techniques and trends emerging in the marketplace due to the latest technological advances. 

Central in Paolo’spresentation is how smartphones have become the main means of communication between customers and the customer care function of an organization. This has forced an evolution in the tasks assigned to VCAs, which, in their best instantiations, have changed from the handling of a simple Q&A sessions to the complete fulfillment of requests over multiple channels, in a conversational mode. 

This evolution has been possible implementing more efficient dialogs across all the available communication channels.Current VCAs can also be more flexible and, in order to provide a better experience to customers, not be limited to a specific domain but instead span across multiple different application domains, including personal remarks and humor. This is important to put customers at ease and satisfy more effectively the variety of their requests.