Webinar: Conversational AI and REAL Contact Center Deployments

Conversational AI is on many people's mind these days. It has the power to change the way people communicate with computers, adding a low-stress, dialog-based interface that is being used more and more for a variety of tasks. Doing this, it is changing many industries, providing automation wherever customers interact with companies - either for sales, marketing or support purposes.

In the Contact Center, Conversational AI powers chatbots that are fronting or maybe even replacing human chat agents. This is becoming very common. Less common, but up-and-coming, are voice bots that understand what people say and answer in kind, guiding callers to express their needs to then either solve them directly if possible, or forwarding the call to the right human agents’ queue.

There are several advantages to using conversational voice bots, not only because of an exponentially better customer experience while greeting customers and qualifying their needs, if we compare it with the old IVRs that often leave callers angry and frustrated. Agents have a better experience too, being spared the most repetitive parts of their work and starting each call with a clearer picture of the callers’ needs. The bottom line of enterprises that deploy Virtual Agents of course also benefits, both in direct and indirect ways. Some of the advantages are not immediate but become quickly apparent after a Conversational AI Virtual Agent is deployed. 

Interactive Media has been developing and deploying Conversational AI systems for many years. In our experience, once one of our customers has deployed a Conversational Virtual Agent, the benefits are so clear that they seek to expand it to other areas finding ever-widening tasks for it to perform. We have now a substantial number of deployments under our belt, covering many use cases, and so we have been able to summarize the success factors in Conversational AI deployments.

On November 12, Interactive Media will present our view of Conversational AI, its benefits for Contact Center usage, the challenges to deployment and the best practices to avoid them, in a webinar hosted by BenchmarkPortal.

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