Webinar: Conversational AI and REAL Contact Center Deployments

17 October 2019

Conversational AI is on many people's mind these days. It has the power to change the way people communicate with computers, adding a low-stress, dialog-based interface that is being used more and more for a variety of tasks...

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Vieni a trovarci a "It's all CRM & Contact Center"

2 October 2019

Interactive Media sarà presente all'evento "It's all CRM & Contact Center" il prossimo 15 ottobre a Milano...

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Interactive Media partecipa al Super Bot Experience

9 August 2019

Il 7 e 8 agosto, Interactive Media Brasil ha partecipato all'evento Super Bots Experience, la conferenza più importante in Brasile sul tema dei chatbot e dell'intelligenza artificiale... 

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Giving chatbots the gift of voice

27 March 2019

Chatbots are proliferating like rabbits. Personally I lost count, but according to Gartner, at the moment of writing between 1500 and 2000 companies worldwide have in the past couple of years developed a chatbot platform...

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The bots are coming! Run!

30 August 2017

Yes, but should we run from them, or towards them? I am talking about conversational bots of course, the ones that, among other applications, are promising to change Customer Service As We Know It...

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Using Natural Language in your Contact Center

31 July 2017

"Press 1 to access your balance, 2 to place an order, 3 to report a lost card, 4 to ..." How many times have we had to listen to a long list of options, waiting for our need to be mentioned, wondering if that would ever happen...

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