Case Studies

With its flexible suite of tools and expert service, Interactive Media serves customers across a wide range of industries. Here is how Interactive Media Virtual Agents are helping for specific cases.


Interactive Media has several customers in the financial sector. In one case in Italy, an Interactive Media Virtual Agent is answering questions and solving issues for all authenticated internet banking customers. The Virtual Agent recognizes more than 200 intents, satisfies the customer need 80% of the time, and even has a sense of humor to respond to personal questions and defuse potentially fraught situations. Customers who are not satisfied with the Virtual Agent are passed to human representatives with the complete history of the interaction.


There are moments when everybody calls a government agency: when taxes are due, or a calamity has struck. In these cases, good luck talking with an agent! But even during normal times the services that both local and national government agencies provide are so widespread and varied, that IVR trees have grown very complex and bloated. A big and complex tree is a problem as it becomes more and more difficult to navigate: it’s time for a conversational virtual agent! The Italian Social Security agency did just that, adopting an Interactive Media Virtual Agent a few years ago. The results have been stunning, with time on the line halved and 90% of correct interpretation of the call reason.


So many services can be delivered through an intelligent Virtual Agent in the telecommunications world, that we have lost count. From setting up appointments to connect cable modems, to block and unblock a SIM card, to collecting and changing billing addresses as people move: all of these are examples of Interactive Media Virtual Agents deployments, that are saving our Telecommunications customers loads of money.


Rules governing medications and how to provide them to patients are complex. There is a lot of bureaucracy involved and both doctors and pharmacists need to take that into account. Interactive Media Virtual Agents help in resolving doubts and speeding up service in a deployment in Latin America.