Conversational Omnichannel Virtual Agents

Interactive Media has created IM.MIND, a software suite that uses artificial intelligence to run conversational Virtual Agents. IM.MIND is also a framework that assists developers, linguists, business owners, and administrators in developing, building, testing and debugging, training, deploying, managing, and reporting on Virtual Agents.

MIND Framework

The IM.MIND Framework: everything you need to develop, train, test, debug, deploy, manage, operate, report on conversational Virtual Agents. IM.MIND is our home-grown platform on which we base all our deployments, also providing integrations with all the necessary front-end and back-end components. The Framework integrates with all sort of voice and messaging networks and manages various speech recognition and TTS services. It also comes with built-in integrations with the most common suites of CRM and Contact Center software.

MIND Studio

The IM.MIND Studio is a powerful web-based environment for the creation of Virtual Agents. Capture and organize the company knowledge, create flexible conversations flows, test, iterate, control your Virtual Agent application and deploy it to any number of nodes, all from a rich drag-and-drop environment. No installation necessary – it’s all remote through your browser.

MIND Skills

The Semantic Engine is the core of the IM.MIND system, excellent at Natural Language Understanding and driving the dialog with callers. The Engine navigates through the Skill knowledge base to identify the intent of the call based on the callers’ sentences, with flexibility to understand partial intents and ask follow-up questions or pursue a different line of inquiry if a previous orientation towards an intent becomes wrong. The IM.MIND Semantic Engine powers Virtual Agents that have among the highest effectiveness in the industry.

MIND SCR (Service Control Room)

Operating IM.MIND agents, managing their network, getting reporting and modify their behavior in simple ways are a snap with the Controller – the business people-oriented console to control conversational intelligence. No AI or semantic expertise is necessary. The IM.MIND Controller lets you manage and deploy Virtual Agents, see and modify the flow of the interactions, access report and statistics, without going into the heavy lifting of development and training of the VA, which is better done with the Studio. In short, it’s the perfect tool for the business side to tune the Agents for best outcomes.


Chatbots are revolutionizing the way self-service is delivered – for textual channels. A well-designed chatbot backed by conversational AI can help customers with support, sales and marketing questions reducing the interactions that reach live agents and saving time and money when customers contact you on the web, over social networks or via text messages.

But, what about people calling into your support line? The telephone channel still accounts for more than half of all customer service interactions. This is why Interactive Media offers PhoneMyBot. Give your chatbot the gift of voice and reach all interactions no matter the channel adding our full telephony, speech and contact center integration solution.

PhoneMyBot is a completely cloud-based, pay-as-you-go solution that makes it exceedingly easy to integrate chatbots with the telephone network. Go to to sign up for a free trial.



Interactive Media Professional Service are an elite cadre of linguistics, natural language, semantics, software and telecommunications specialists dedicated to help you with your conversational Virtual Agents. Using our proven iterative process and the power of MIND setting up an initial Virtual Agent is a snap, training, testing and deploying it to make a difference on your customers’ experience takes a few weeks. Let us help you help your customers for the best customer service results!