IM Virtual Conversational Assistant help businesses to streamline contact center operations saving agent time and cutting contact duration.

Answering the demand for easy, personal automated services in the consumer-empowered economy means allowing people to easily access their information and execute their transactions from any device on any communication channel.

IM Conversational Agents automate complex and repetitive customer self-service transactions using key language technologies; working on the phone and the web, IM Agents free CSRs from ordinary tasks, and generate solid and measurable ROI.

The Conversational Agents listen, understand, and speak to customers behaving like human agents. They give customers the feeling of communicating with a 'real' person; they answerquestions and understand the context of the conversation. Once the IM Agent is “trained” for a task, it will always perform it with the same promptness, courtesy, quality and efficiency.

They use Natural Language Understanding techniques to streamline the human-machine interface and make the user experience easy and effective.

By specializing in diverse application functions and working on specific tasks, which can even be combined and integrated, there is no limit to the scope of the Conversational Agent’s skill, other than ... your own.

Interactive Media builds Conversational Agents in any application field using IM.MIND®, Multimodal Interaction Natural Dialogue, a framework including methodology and software tools for multimodal applications. Our Natural Language Solutions Group can design and deliver applications according to Client requirements and/or customize existing templates.

About us

Interactive Media is an Italian company established in Rome, 1996. Since the beginningInteractive Media has been developing and deploying the latest generation multimodal software solutions which use all the channels of communication, focusing on vocal technologies. Clients include Public and Private organizations willing to build leading edge customer care automation solutions to their customers.

In 2010 a new R&D unit was created from a Trento University spinoff utilizing the experiences from a long standing collaboration with the Systems and Information department.The new team focuses on developing advanced application server software and multimodal applications using natural language processing. 

IM do Brasil was established in 2013 to distribute our solutions and services in the Brazilian market. In 2015 IM do Brasil was awarded the TIM BRASIL "Solucào de Reconhecimento de Voz com Semàntica" contract.