Giving chatbots the gift of voice

27 March 2019

Chatbots are proliferating like rabbits. Personally I lost count, but according to Gartner, at the moment of writing between 1500 and 2000 companies worldwide have in the past couple of years developed a chatbot platform...

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Using Natural Language in your Contact Center

31 July 2017

"Press 1 to access your balance, 2 to place an order, 3 to report a lost card, 4 to ..." How many times have we had to listen to a long list of options, waiting for our need to be mentioned, wondering if that would ever happen...

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The bots are coming! Run!

30 August 2017

Yes, but should we run from them, or towards them? I am talking about conversational bots of course, the ones that, among other applications, are promising to change Customer Service As We Know It...

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