To the future of the
Customer Experience

Interactive Media develops, deploys, and perfects conversational Virtual Agents for customer service. No matter the channel, our Virtual Agents understand your customers and deliver a superior customer experience.


Engage your customers

Interactive Media Virtual Agents provide a great customer experience with pleasant conversations, calling users by their name and using their interactions history to make it easier and quicker to get what they need. Our Virtual Agents support multi-turn conversations, letting users speak with their own voice – and still understanding them well, no matter how the conversation unfolds.

Save money

Our Virtual Agents service most of the calls, reducing OPEX, while improving customer experience on all channels. They transform voice into a premier digital channel, transcribing conversations and collecting actionable intelligence. So, they save our customers a bundle.

Unleash creativity

Virtual Agents make for a better experience for human agents too, freeing them from boring and repetitive tasks, capturing context information and avoiding tedious data entry and errors. When an interaction comes to them, it’s ready for a little – or a lot – of human creativity.

What We Offer

Conversational AI

Interactive Media's Conversational AI solution provides a delightful experience for your customers - no matter the channel they use to contact you. Interactive Media's conversational Virtual Agents have among the highest effectiveness in the industry and are run through IM.MIND, our flagship AI suite. IM.MIND is a complete framework for end-to-end development, integration, testing, deployment, operation, and reporting of conversational voice or text interaction services over any channel - including phone, web, chat, social network, and SMS. Virtual Agents developed with IM.MIND transform the customer self-service experience into a real conversation, answering questions and sustaining a dialog with the customer over multiple channels like a human customer service operator.

Voice Enablement for Chatbots

Chatbots are revolutionizing the way self-service is delivered - on the web. A well designed chatbot backed by conversational AI can help customers with support, sales, and marketing questions while reducing the interactions that reach live agents and saving time and money. However, what about those customers calling into your support line? The telephone channel still accounts for over half of all customer service interactions. Interactive Media's voice enablement offer gives your chatbot the gift of voice - with a full telephony, speech, and contact center integration solution. All for the comfort and safety of our cloud.


Interactive Media serves customers across a wide range of industries. With its flexible suite of tools and services, Interactive Media is able to fit the needs of customers regardless of the requirements.






Financial Institutions, Government Agencies, Telcos, and Healthcare organizations in several countries rely on Interactive Media to enhance their customer experience and provide a higher level of customer service - while saving money in the process. Here are a few of Interactive Media’s customers: