In the Cloud

Interactive Media’s IM.MIND is ideally suited for cloud operation. While some customers may prefer to own and operate the infrastructure to run their virtual agents, cloud-based deployments are gaining popularity everywhere and especially in the CX domain.

Interactive Media’s cloud features IM.MIND and all its media services, in integration with telephony and CCaaS partners. The platform is naturally multi-tenant and allow each customer to define, monitor, report and scale their virtual agents, actingon their data set and integrated with their infrastructure, without the need to maintain the hardware and platform software: we do that for you.

Cloud Contact Center Integration

Contact Center infrastructure in the cloud is fast gaining market share. Several vendors offers complete cloud-based services for agents, including voice, desktop, chat, integration with CRM and context repositories, agent-to-agent communication – without the need to buy and maintain in-house computing capacity.

IM.MIND cloud adds a powerful self-service component to these services. With voice, chat, and context integration with the CCaaS providers, IM.MIND virtual agents fulfill most of the incoming interactions, forwarding the ones that require assistance to the contact center service chosen by the customer. It’s incredible CX, delivered as a service.

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