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IM.MIND Workshop in Milan

A free workshop organized by Interactive Media, in collaboration with CMI Magazine

March 20th 2018 - Milan, Italy

Introduction to IM.MIND

IM.MIND is a framework for end-to-end development, integration, testing, deployment, monitoring and reporting of any automatic conversational service. The typical IM.MIND application is a Virtual Agent operating in an omnichannel customer service.

Virtual Agents collaborate with human agents to serve the customer by

  • Greeting callers and identifying their needs
  • Collecting additional data through questions and database dips (examples: addresses, phone numbers, account numbers – with proven better accuracy compared to human agents)
  • Reading notices, collecting acknowledgements
  • Steering the call to the most appropriate queue (which could be an automated service)
  • The result is a jump in efficiency and happier human agents, as they receive challenging and well-documented cases – and don’t have to work on the most boring tasks

Learn more about the IM.MIND framework or get in touch to know more.

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