IM.ADA® (Automated Dialog Agent) is a virtual agent using an open-ended question approach, dialogue and natural language processing: users can say multiple pieces of information in one sentence. IM.ADA goes beyond the traditional IVR limitations (question/answer, tree-like menu) welcoming the caller with a "how may I help you" prompt, listening and understanding meaning, asking for just missing information.
Applications like call steering, information retrieval, help desk gain significant benefits thanks to Natural Language Interaction; the virtual agent does not follow a rigid Q&A sequence, rather it works in conversational mode with users, who no longer need to know in advance how the automated system behaves. user experience is enhanced and perceived quality of service is increased.

Companies using IM.ADA to build their voice portal (VSS-NLI, Voice Self-Service Natural Language Interaction) achieve a better efficiency in their Customer Service Operations, cut costs and improve Customer Satisfaction.

IM.ADA® implements innovative voice self-service solutions: it's the new frontier in Customer Care Automation.

Interactive Media uses the IM.MIND® framework, a powerful set of tools to design and develop self-service Solutions featuring:

  • multichannel/multimodal capabilities (voice, video, chat, fax, email, SMS/MMS);
  • intuitive graphical interface to build services;
  • Natural Language Interaction for voice and text;
  • speech technologies (TTS, ASR);
  • integration via standard protocols with 3rd party applications, databases, media servers and telephony platforms.


CALL STEERING Call Routing using natural language is an effective way to ensure proper transfer of customers calls to the required automated or assisted service. Interactive Media's Call Steering can improve significantly customer satisfaction, cutting time handling and freeing agents from repetitive, low value activities.

VOICE PORTAL Interactive Media' VSS solution is a multichannel portal to manage self-service; it can be accessed by phones and smartphones, connects to fax and email, implements chat and SMS applications. IM VSS portal works with SIP, IMS, IP, TDM networks, even a combination of them. Robust administration tools are included, as well as reporting and maintenance functionalities to help companies cutting costs simplifying Customer Service operations.


Interactive Media VSS are based on IM.MIND, a framework to create human-like interactions  that are simple to be used and maintained. Our Clients achieve a better Quality of Service while saving in customer service opex/capex. In current highly competitive scenario, IM Solutions  help Businesses to use Customer Service as a differentiator to strengthen their market positioning.


"How may I help you?": a new approach for voice self-service using NLU, Natural Language Understanding.

IM.ADA®, thanks to the open-ended question approach combined with a free-flow dialogue build human-like interactions: the system understands the meaning of plain words and phrases, users no longer need to know in advance how the automated system works, nor the business jargon.