Email volumes are growing as well as Customer Service related handling costs. To bring quickly measurable benefits in Contact Center operations, unless you want to overload your CSR's and risk no-answer condition, you should use email classification, routing, response.

Contact Centers are currently experiencing situations like:

  • emails received are more complex;
  • much more info is included in the message;
  • generally emails don't bring value to the business;
  • CSR need more training to answer emails;
  • automation allows analysis and intelligence on received messages;
  • push to provide quick answers to customers.

IM.EMMA®, IM's EMail Management Assistant works behind the scene providing automation of email classification and response; it analyzes messages and provides answers in few seconds, enhancing the quality of customer care services. It's part of the web self-services businesses can provide to their customers. IM.EMMA works in automated mode (providing direct answer to sender) or assisted mode (preparing a suggested response to be checked by a human operator).


IM.EMMA® helps Contact Center operations to smooth CSR's activity, provides quicker and more consistent answers. There is no longer the need for continuos training of human agents on new and upcoming topics, while it is possible to apply intelligence analisys on received messages.


IM.EMMA® works by parsing the incoming e-mail (reading the content), understanding the content through natural-language processing (NLP) techniques and breaking them down into keywords or phrases. These keywords or phrases are translated into search terms that are then used to find, in a knowledgebase, the appropriate answer to the inquiry in the e-mail. An outbound e-mail can then be prepared with that answer and returned to the user.