IM.Alice is an Automated Attendant targeted to any organization regardless of the number of employees, departments or points of presence. With IM.Alice callers can automatically connect to the desired employee or department by saying any combination of the following: full name, surname, title, department, telephone extension, reason of call. Through use of a human–like speech interface, callers are routed to the requested party (or department, or store, etc.), without human intervention.

Customizable voice menus guide external callers to a particular service, information source, department or person. The telephone directory is created using a simple tool featuring a web-like interface; the grammars for speech recognition are automatically generated by the system, without any IT intervention.

voicemail function is included to allow callers to leave voice messages to the required party in case of no-answer. The voice message is attached to an email and sent to the relevant inbox.

IM.Alice belongs to the family of IM Virtual Conversational Agents (IM.VCA); it is part of the IM.CIH and uses speech technologies to automate call welcoming and routing. Alice is the electronic equivalent of a receptionist and can provide the following services:

  • answer calls within a predefined number of rings;
  • answer a large number of calls at the same time;
  • answer calls 24 hours a day;
  • allow callers to reach extensions without the assistance of a live attendant.


IM.Alice can improve organization efficiency by:

  • removing a significant percentage of the workload from clerical staff;
  • providing overflow handling during peak periods;
  • allowing employees to be reached after normal business hours;
  • improving customer access to specific services and information resources.

Design and functionality:

  • up-to-date Interface Design - No Treelike Menus;
  • 24x7 Service Availability - Zero Waiting Times;
  • operating Cost Savings;
  • clearly defined ROI for the Contact Center;
  • increase in Service Efficiency;
  • faster Call Handling - No Lost Calls;
  • scalability - Modular design & open architecture ensure that ever evolving business needs are met.


Among IM.Alice distinctive features there are:

  • Speech Recognition and Natural Language;
  • Enhanced Caller Experience;
  • High Automation Rate;
  • Web Administrator & User Console with web-like interface;
  • Seamless Integration with databases and Windows active directories;
  • Multilingual support;
  • Flexible Business Models (pay as you save, full ownership, hybrid).

IM.Alice automatically directs the call to the requested employee, department unit, etc. Users receive missed call notifications via email with voice attachments. Forwarding rules for the calls may be set when needed, as well as where calls are routed (i.e. directly, assistant, etc.).

Capable of serving large number of calls simultaneously, it can be deployed by small businesses or large corporations.
Call Center Connectivity allows the integration of IM.Alice with live agents to deliver call welcoming and routing.

A web console provides system management and configuration; several levels of authorizations can be provided to different users; detailed logging and reporting information regarding service usage and key performance indicators (KPIs) is available to control system operations.