IM.NOS (Notification System): this module represents a complete outbound solution allowing the creation of multi-channel active campaigns through a simple web-based graphical interface; it is possible to create massive simultaneous information distribution tasks through any channel integrated in the platform (voice, SMS, MMS, video, Fax, e-mail).

IM.NOS changes the contact center from reactive to proactive and provides your customers with the information they need before they ask for it. It helps to keep your customers up to date - whether it's via an outbound call to a landline or mobile phone, a text message to a handheld device, a fax or an email message. And, if any action based on the notification needs to be taken, the customer can be seamlessly connected to a self-service application.


  • Delivers real-time notification by the customers' preferred channel
  • Ensures all parties have the latest account and service information
  • Strengthens customer relationships
  • Minimizes per-call and transactional costs
  • Easily integrates via Web services to self-service, live agent and business management systems


A flexible and scalable solution to broadcast information on several channels (voice, fax, email, SMS, ...).

A web management console allows users to set up outbound campaigns and information content. The system can be configured by remote in its operational features, including campaign start/stop, no answer detection and retry limits (max number of attempts, delay before next attempt), addressees list and configuration. Each communication campaign can use different channels for different addressees.