IM Multimedia Interaction Recorder (IM.MIR) is a recording system for voice calls (PSTN and VoIP), video calls and data, representing an optimal solution for contact centers, financial institutions, and public safety organizations.

Our systems for interaction recording ensure compliance with both external and internal rules and processes, avoiding improper management of information recording and storage that can result in fines and litigation. Poor recording processes may cause damage to the company's reputation, higher fraud risk and an increase in customer churn.

IM.MIR is designed on top of IM.Meltemi® SDP and inherits its features such as open and flexible interfaces for seamless integration with IT and Network infrastructures.

Our Professional Services help Clients to meet their recording requirements by creating leading-edge applications. We also offer flexible hosting options for recording Solutions.


IM.MIR is a valuable tool granting:

  • compliance with regulations requiring recording of transaction information (also jointly with IM Virtual Agents specializing in credit card payments, name and address capture, etc.);
  • documentation of verbal contracts defined by customers with automated or assisted services;
  • verification of spoken information accuracy;
  • business insights and process optimization;
  • voice mining to analyze recorded transactions.