The MIND Call Center is a new call center concept featuring collaboration among virtual agents and live operators to deliver an improved user experience in customer service processes while cutting costs and achieving overall better efficiency. It is a combination of self-service delivered by virtual agents and assisted service, delivered by live operators. The technology foundation of virtual agents processes is the Natural Language Processing technology used for interaction with customers.

Incoming contacts (phone, SMS, email) are welcomed by the virtual agents, properly routed to self-service or assisted service according to customer need/request.

To setup a MIND Call Center, businesses just need to add MIND framework to their existing infrastructure: IM.MIND® uses standard interfaces (VXML, HTML, ...) to interoperate with the media and application servers already in place; when needed, it's possible to rely on IM's media server (IM.MRF) which seamlessly integrates the Call Center CTI. 

Customer Service AutomationRaising the bar of automation is well accepted by customer and CSR when the task is simple, which means the customer gets his/her information more quickly and the CSR is not bored by plain/clerical activities.

A clever utilization of automation is when the system needs to collect information from the customer before doing a transaction: in this case, the virtual agent works as a pre-processor, collects all data and then transfers call and data to the CSR. The customer, instead of waiting on the line to speak to the next available operator, interacts with the virtual agent; the contact center reduces costs (less operators, less seats) and the customer experiences a shorter overall handling time of her/his need.

Thanks to IM.MIND® framework, automated service development is quick and easy.