Outstanding multimedia, multimodal self services based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) are delivered by our NLSG (Natural Language Solutions Group) which is part of the IM Professional Services team.

To achieve efficient voice and web interaction, we use IM.MIND® framework, a skillful design process including sophisticated implementation tools for Natural Language Processing. IM.MIND actually includes a design and development methodology paired with a natural language oriented framework; the integration with IM.Meltemi® (or other VXML-compliant media servers) allows the implementation of voice portals and web solutions featuring Virtual Conversational Assistants.

Our comprehensive delivery process ensures that Natural Language Understanding (NLU) is successfully implemented to meet our Clients' business needs. The development and deployment rely on software tools, designed by IM R&D teams, to generate an optimized code on a robust communication platform.

Natural Language Understanding allows our Clients to deliver intelligent, free flow dialogue, self-service applications to their Customers cutting the cost of human interactions. NLU applications have the ability to understand questions and effectively provide appropriate answers as if it was an actual human agent. NLU works on voice and text, phone and web. 

A voice application using NLU welcomes the call with a "How May I Help"-style prompt and callers can speak with their own words and pace to find the information they need. While traditional IVR speech applications use keyword detection, NLU analyzes the entire speech in order to provide the caller with the appropriate action. Our NLU speech applications allow the computer to understand the caller: customers no longer need to "learn" the IVR's "specific rules".

IM.MIND and its basic applications are being designed and developed by IM Service Lab, our daughter company specializing in linguistic technologies for voice and web Solutions.


IM.MIND® is the design approach used by IM Natural Language Solutions Group to build outstanding multimedia, multimodal self services based on Natural Language Processing.

To realize efficient call-handling and web interaction, a skillful design process and solid implementation tools are required. Our comprehensive delivery process ensures that Natural Language Processing is successfully implemented to meet our Clients' business needs. The development and deployment rely on sophisticated software tools, designed by IM R&D teams, to generate optimized code on a robust communication platform.

To support the MIND methodology, a multimodal service framework has been defined; it features a web interface with tools to manage the application life cycle, from scope to design, from test to reporting and maintenance. Design is translated into code (almost no programming need). Framework characteristics include: off-the-shelf common and basic functionalities integrated (imprinting for rapid prototyping), voice-data synchronization for web and mobile 3G application services, multi-server scalability, applications independent from the user-machine language interface.

MIND freccia

  • Imprinting by embedded operational functionalities (check answers, confirmation process)
  • Implementation based on rules and compliant to standard
  • Applications language independent (language is a parameter like prompt speed)
  • Synchronization of speech and data on web and mobile multimodal interaction
  • Scalability and standards (VXML, EMMA, SRGS, SSML, HTML/CSS, XML)
  • Ontological service definition
  • Performance evaluation of grammar and language model involved in recognition process
  • Tune and validate before testing applications


Interactive Media uses speech technologies to implement Voice and Web self-service solutions that quickly route incoming calls, securely verify callers' identities and offer intuitive interactive speech self-service on phone and web. If callers need more help, we can transfer calls/sessions to assisted service (operators) along with people's personal information to streamline contact transfer and provide intelligent assistance.

Our solutions, integrated with Natural Language Interaction, deliver personalized service experiences, cut Customer Care costs, increase automation and self-service containment rates, and make contact center agents more efficient and effective.

Natural Language speech-enabled solutions can automate transactions, the "How May I Help You" approach let people describe their needs with conversational dialogue in their own words instead of wandering through menu mazes. In most cases, IM Voice Self-Service solutions can answer callers' request in one straightforward step.

For its implementations, IM chooses Nuance's speech technology products for ASR, TTS and ASV.


To power applications that rely on Natural Language Processing techniques, Interactive Media uses a variety of semantics engines, each according to the application type and size. For web self-service with avatars, IM uses the Indisys solution. For script adherence application template IM chose Autonomy's platform to extract the right meaning from recorded calls. For email management, a specialized engine coupled to a knowledge base is the core of the implemented solution.