Interactive Media provides infrastructure and software services for businesses to build scalable, reliable voice and web applications.

Interactive Media hosting delivers the full value of our application templates as on-demand services, powered by the technology standards used by our IM.MIND framework.

We offer to our Clients the possibility to implement self-service solutions supporting speech technologies and Natural Language Processing, database integration and 3rd party applications, flexible CTI and call control, recording and conferencing, as well as traditional touch-tone interaction.

Our Clients can manage directly their services and traffic reports; applications can be developed and managed by our Professional Services team or by Client's IT staff who we can train on our Service Creation Environment to easily create and change the IVR dialogues.


IM NLU hosted services can deliver stand-alone applications or can be integrated with Clients' Contact Center processes.

IM offers infrastructure services (telephone lines and numbers, hw/sw platforms, data connectivity) and applications for interactive services. The customers of our Client can just dial a number of our data center and use the application that answers to their needs. But it's also possible that the Client's Contact Center routes to our data center the telephone calls (our application shows up just as another agents group); IM provides call welcoming, customer identification, automatic services, etc. and then the call is routed back to the Contact Center for additional processing (assisted service, polling, etc.).