web graphical environment to build and manage multimodal applications based on a powerful and intuitive tool enabling non-technical users to develop NLI applications. Interactive services management migrates from IT to business line (marketing operations, customer care).

MIND SCE includes software tools for development, performance evaluation and tuning of grammars and language models. Application is featured by an event-driven approach that better resembles human behavior (unlike the tree-approach of traditional IVR).


Application development is streamlined by embedded syntactical analysis, basic functionalities (input check, re-ask missing items, confirmation process, ...), dialogue building with multiple items input in a single speech, re-use of actions and tasks (SIB).

Debugging is supported by interaction logging and call analysis tools; live multimodal debugging uses any mix of real and simulated channels; it's possible to roll-back to a previous dialogue state to test application behavior and reload a saved interaction state, change data and restart the business logic.

Simple statistical and advanced data reports based on user defined parameters can be generated; reports can be exported in various formats.


IM.MIND is a set of software tools designed for use within a methodology focusing on end-user needs. To achieve this goal, design and test activities are privileged respect to the traditional development step.

The professional services team includes, generally, the following skills:

  • Social dialogue designer - VUI specialist
    • Designs of human-computer interaction, defines dialogue strategies, builds rules supporting understanding process (grammars, language models).
  • Linguist (prompt & semantic evaluation)
    • Studies human expression capability and attitude, language expert (spoken, written, phonetics).
  • Ontology designer
    • Builds a formal representation of the application domain.
  • VSS specialist (development & test app services)
    • Knowledgeable about MIND tools and speech technologies.
  • Dialogue evaluator (Test & Tuning)
    • Examines human-computer interaction, discovers those elements relevant to improve interaction quality and effectiveness.