IM.MIND® is an integrated, natural language interaction platform that provides additional intelligence to mobile and connected consumer devices (phones, tablet, smartphone, pc) and a conversational dimension to interactive service experience. It allows you to communicate virtually with your customers, in real time, by voice and text, web and phone, email, SMS.
Multimodal Interaction Natural Dialogue
IM.MIND applications (virtual conversational agents) answer questions and effectively provide appropriate information interacting behaving like a customer service operator.

IM.MIND® Virtual Agents provide Customer Service Automationcapabilities to Contact Centers establishing a co-working schema with Call Center Agents. Contact can be switched back and forth between the Virtual Agent and the CSR.

When working with a MIND application, the user can speak and write using her/his own pace and controls the dialogue while the system understands, analyzes and makes the proper decisions. The technology uses a logical analysis strategy to ensure the right interpretation and manages the semantic capacity of the natural language.

The framework offers real-time interaction and multimodal capability to exploit the advantage of simultaneous usage of different communication media (voice, text, image).

MIND developers experience the benefit of knowledge re-use, powerful standard functions inspired by best practice; the application designis truly language independent, so you can use the same application in different languages just adding the relevant speech technologies. Multimodal applications run seamlessly on the MIND platform thanks to voice and data synchronization managed within the framework.

IM.MIND is the first and only integrated platform on the market that allows you to build, deploy, manage and analyze multimodal customer service applications.


Channel Manager
Check channel status, readiness, send/receive processes.
Media Server
Data Preprocessor
Speech recognition, mood detection.
Channel Postprocessor
Specific data formatting according to channel type (text, voice, web): TTS, VXML, HTML.
Data Natural Language Preprocessor
Understanding/meaning, emotion, classification.
I/O Spooling
Management of incoming requests and outgoing answers (queuing).
Interaction Manager
Dialogue manager, conversation strategy.
Channel orchestrator (channel timing and sync).
Multimodal Language Generators
Creation of actions on the fly for each channel (voice, text, avatar + emotion, web page).
Logic & Ontology
A mix of reasoning, strategy, knowledge and memory to create Virtual Assistants or Automated Call Center Agents.


MIND Service Creation Environment

  • Designer
  • Debugger
  • Simulator


MIND Executive

  • Runtime
  • Reporting


  • Imprinting by embedded operational functionalities (check answers, confirmation process)
  • Implementation based on rules and compliant to standard
  • Applications language independent (language is a parameter like prompt speed)
  • Synchronization of speech and data on web and mobile multimodal interaction
  • Scalability and standards (VXML, EMMA, SRGS, SSML, HTML/CSS, XML)
  • Ontological service definition
  • Performance evaluation of grammar and language model involved in recognition process
  • Tune and validate before testing applications