MIND processing

MIND Executive is a software engine that runs the applications developed with MIND SCE. Dynamic VXML code is generated and sent to a media server for execution. Including runtime and reporting tools, MIND Executive is available for speech applications (in this case speech technologies like ASR and TTS are a pre-requisite) or for text applications (no speech products required).

The MIND Executive runtime environment (available for enterprise or cloud installation) uses standard interfaces to access the resources necessary for application execution (media servers and other application servers). 

It's an addition to existing contact center infrastructure, featuring interoperability towards most common platforms (like Avaya, Cisco, Genesys); MIND allows multimodality also for SIP connectivity.


Among the MIND distinctive features, the capability to manage multimodal applications on SIP connectivity grants several advantages: push of HTML forms on mobile device, no app development, possibility to pause interaction channel.

  • Voice call on SIP data connection
    • Barge-in available (vs no barge-in with other methods)
    • No voice telephony costs
  • Single point of development
    • no need to coordinate device app and service app development
  • Application fully integrated with Contact Center process
    • «please, transfer to operator...»
  • Use device speech resources if needed (cut server licence costs)
    • e.g. when call is queued waiting for available CSR