IM.Meltemi® is a Service Delivery Platform that consolidates and innovates traditional communication services solutions by seamlessly delivering:

  • multimodal services (e.g. voice to command the system, video to get information);
  • multichannel services (including voice, video, fax, email, SMS, MMS).

Service Delivery PlatformAimed at being the basic toolkit to build communications solutions and interactive applications, Meltemi is implemented using hw/sw standard platforms suitable for enterprise and carrier-grade installations. It's a multi-node, multi-site platform for applications using different media and different devices (wired and mobile phone, PC, media phone), even simultaneously. Meltemi features a powerful management tool (IM.OAM, Operations Administration & Management) and runs VoiceXML and CCXML developed services. Through the combination of several modules geared to specific functions, IM.Meltemi SDP builds integrated customer care solutions for proactive, automated, and assisted services, acting as Media Server for IM.MIND® applications.


Call Control and Signaling Subsystem 
SS#7, ISDN, CAS, SIP, H.323, H.324M call controls management. Implementation of Intelligent Network protocols such as TCAP, ASE RI, Core INAP. 

Media Gateway Subsystem 
Coding/decoding TDM to IP using audio codec G.711, G723.1, G.728, G.729, AMR and video format H.263, H.261, H.264, MPEG4; support for FAX, SMS and MMS messaging. 

Service Logic Processors Subsystem 
Runs application logic developed by different tools using specific runtime processors:

  • VME - Meltemi Virtual Machine Environment;
  • VXML – Voice XML
  • VIS HTML - Video Interactive Services;
  • CCXML – Call Control XML.

Media Processor Subsystem 
Signal Detection and Signal Generation, Audio Conference and Mixing Audio, Video Conference, Mixing Video (Picture In Picture, Text Overlay, Mosaic), Audio and Video Transcoding.

Media Server Subsystem
Media Player/Recorder for audio and video messages (Audio formats supported: AAC, MP3, G723.1, G711, G.729, AMR, TBA; Video formats supported: MPEG4, MPEG2, H.263, H.264). Access to external streaming servers via RTSP. Play/record 3GP, AVI, MOV, DIVX, TBA files. 

Operation & Management Subsystem 
Management of Meltemi platform components and subsystems; service provisioning and deployment. 

Application Server Subsystem 
Infrastructure and functionalities to develop, execute, support applications and server components in a distributed environment. Samples are: • SS#7 FT Signalling Server • SIP HA Application Server 

Data Integration Subsystem 
A comprehensive collection of modules and components to access data and interoperate with applications running on external database and host servers (legacy systems). Speech Technology Server Implementation of TTS and ASR multilingual support: 

  • Multilingual TTS (compliant to SSML 1.0 standard)¹;
  • Multilingual ASR (compliant to SRGS e SISR standard)¹;
  • Multilingual Speaker Verification¹.

¹ Supported languages: Italian, US and UK English, Castilian, Catalan, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish, American Spanish, Argentinean, Brazilian, Chilean and Mexican.


The connectivity to communication networks for IM solutions is granted by hw and sw products integrated in Meltemi and MIND. These products ensure the right interface between our systems and the interaction devices (telephones, mobile phones, PC, tablets, ...). Through such interfaces we steer the protocols relevant to the network environment (IMS, TDM, SIP) that allows the integration with telco network and service providers.

Interactive Media uses Dialogic products to allow interactive services delivery on fixed and mobile devices connected to telecommunication networks.

CTI Connector is certified for several CTI platforms, including Avaya, Cisco, Genesys.