Central and Local Authorities can build automated services that help people to access and receive valuable information. Following the e-goverment guidelines, IM solutions streamline people's utilization of data and information, improving through technological innovation the level of transparency and accessibility of Central and Local Authorities, Agencies, Administrations. 

Proactive and interactive services use voice and text on different media, thanks to the multichannel and multimodal capabilities of IM platform.


IM.Alice Automated Attendant allows callers to be automatically connected to the desired employee or department by saying any of the following: full name, surname, title, department, telephone extension, reason of call. Through the use of a human–like speech interface, callers are routed to the requested party without human intervention.

  Università Milano-Bicocca    Niguarda


INPS solo  mobilità roma b 
Voice Self-service applications for medical certificates and temporary work vouchers.
Management and routing of calls reaching 800 services.
Automated Service to find a taxi in the city of Milan.Automatic service to call taxis in the city of Rome, integrated with cab's onboard tablet.The Italian Emergency Management Agency broadcasts information through several channels based on the occurrence of specific events or following a schedule.