Since the beginning, our guidelines have been Excellence and Care. These values influence the behavior of the Company, the way our staff works and how we make decisions.

Our policy is to recruit young engineers who we train on our product line, thus ensuring the right organization development.

We want to deliver to our Clients multi-channel, multimodal services granting the most effective Customer Relations thanks to Natural Language Processing technologies applied to voice and text interactions.


Build and maintain a digital ecosystem including software, applications, consulting and partners to design and develop Customer Service Automation Solutions supporting different Customer Relations modalities:

  • self-service;
  • proactivity;
  • assisted service through Human and Virtual Agents.



  • leverage innovation to keep leadership;
  • pursue continual improvement in every aspect of our business practice;
  • meet commitments to our employees, clients, stakeholders.


  • look after our staff;
  • listen to our clients;
  • support the local community;
  • protect the environment.