Our Company owns and develops the entire software platform we use to build Customer Service Automation Solutions. We have an R&D center specializing in language processing technology and dialog management (IM Service Lab) and an Engineering Group which takes care of our software Service Delivery Platform and its applications. In addition, our Professional Services team develops interactive applications using our software, technology and methodology. We deliver turn-key voice and web customer service Solutions in several markets (Government, Telco, Transportation, Utilities). Thanks to our software tools, application development is quick and efficient even working from remote locations. 

IM new cradle

Our core products are the Service Delivery Platform IM.Meltemi® and IM.MIND®, multimodal service framework which comprises a methodology and a set of software tools for multimodal interaction and natural language dialogue.

The integration with the most sophisticated technologies for Natural Language Understanding (NLU) allows us to design and develop voice and text interactive applications, powered by IM Virtual Conversational Agents that implement the open-ended question dialogue approach in Value Added Services (VAS) on phone and web.